Burns First Aid Guidelines

1 Apply BURNAID immediately.
Or cool under running water for 20 minutes.


Remove jewellery.

3 Drink plenty of water.
(NOTE: Do not drink fluids if facial, airway or smoke inhalation burns have occurred)

Seek medical advice if:

- wound blisters

- severe and uncontrollable pain

- any signs of infection

- general feeling of unwellness


- smoking

- further exposure to burning agent

- topical agents such as butter or toothpaste

- ice, ice water

The above First Aid Guidelines as recommended by Dr John Greenwood. Director of Burns Unit, Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Download First Aid Poster (4MB)

• Cover burns by selecting the most appropriate size of dressing.
• Apply BURNAID Gel or Gel dressings to cool burn as soon as
possible in order to prevent further damage to underlying tissues,
aid the healing process and provide rapid relief from pain.
• To hold a dressing in place on limbs etc. use an open weave
bandage, lightly applied, to allow heat to dissipate from the
affected area.
• BURNAID Gel and Gel Dressing can be left on for up to 2 or
more hours depending on conditions. If conditions are very
hot or dry, dressing may dry out and need replacing earlier.

* Monitor for hypothermia - large surface area and long exposure to cooling can contribute to hypothermia especially in the elderly and children

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Technical Documents
The protocols listed below are
PDF documents.
- Burnaid Protocol

- Alfred Hospital

- Royal Adelaide Hospital

- Royal Perth Hospital

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